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Zheng XiaoQin


郑小琴女士具有20多年的舞蹈教学经验. 在大华府地区的希望中文学校少儿艺术团, 希望中文学校妈妈舞蹈队,以及其它业余团体执教的十余年中, 郑小琴女士编排了许多优美,欢快,奔放的舞蹈节目.她根据快炙人口的中国民歌所编排的舞蹈更让远离家乡的人们倍感亲切, 深受大华府地区民众的欢迎. 郑小琴女士的主要作品包扩: 西部放歌, 同一首歌, 歌声与微笑, 在那遥远的地方,爱我中华, 走进新时代, 好日子, 黄土高坡, 中国娃, 洗衣舞, 大地飞歌, 大花轿, 辣妹子.

Mrs. Xiaoqin Zheng has had more than twenty years of choreography and teaching experience. She has taught in Washington Metropolitan area at Yellow River Youth Art School and Hope Chinese School Dance Studio for more than ten years. Every year, she choreographs several new dances and presents them on stages for a variety of performance opportunities. Mrs. Zheng specializes in Chinese folk dance and modern dance. She always believes that folk dance, coming from people, should be enjoyed and appreciated by people. The dance works she crafted for Chinese students are unique, incorporating both Chinese and American cultures and identifying the students as Chinese Americans. Her dances are viewed as exciting and aspiring, and are well received by audience.


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