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郑小琴女士创办的,以一支”洗衣舞”而闻名大华府的妈妈舞蹈队已经走过了十多年的历程. 由当年的十几人发展成一百多人.由一个班发展成七个班. 舞蹈班的成员有的是在职的科技及管理人才, 有的是呼风唤雨的商业精英, 有的是尽心尽力的全职妈妈. 是共同的爱好把大家聚在一起. 舞蹈充实了她们的文化生活,使她们精彩的人生更加绚烂多彩.

To enrich their social life and share their common interest, moms of the Hope Chinese School students formed the Hope Chinese School Mom Dancing Group in the spring of 2000 under the leadership of Ms.Xiao-qin Zheng, a well-known Chinese dance chorographer and instructor in the Washington DC metropolitan area.

Starting with sixteen members for their first performance, the Group has expanded to more than 100 members today, has been actively involved in community events to promote Chinese heritage and culture.

“What’s unique about this group is that not only we are full time moms but also most of us are full time professionals. It’s the common interests that bring us together,” said Member Dana Wang. The group practices every Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. The group has learned many Chinese dances, including Tibetan Dance, Red Ribbon, Good Life, Yellow Mountain, and The Same Song.